Fantasy, In Small Doses

A girl, her classmates, her teacher, and her mother are all a part of the great umbrella-chase.

In the Summer of 2016, we met Theertha, who did a writing internship with us.

In the months that followed, she wrote a lot, including six drafts of a story about a girl whose umbrellas went missing.

Little did we know then that this would go on to become one of our best books.

After Theertha did her bit, we handed over the story to award-winning illustrator Nancy Raj, who took the reins from thereon. We fell in love with Nancy’s depiction of Leela and Amma right from the line drawings.

The book was launched to much cheer and fanfare in May, 2017. Theertha and Nancy met for the first time for an interview about the book with The Hindu. We did a super-fun umbrella-themed event around the book at The Brew Room on R K Salai where there were games, crafts, dance, a storytelling of the book, and food, all centered on the theme of the umbrellas. Both the author and the illustrator got a chance to meet their readers too!

The event got featured in the local edition of the Deccan Chronicle the next day. Ta-da!

Where do Leela’s umbrellas go? Find out with your child’s copy of the book.

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