A Land of Bricks, Magic, and Warrior Autos

Travel to a new realm and fight monsters hitherto unseen.

In a dystopian take on a city inspired by Chennai, where people live in Guilds dictated by their profession or social position, the author C. G. Salamander pits his three young protagonists against the elements.

The story has everything that the author wanted to write about: black magic, nefarious schemes, edgy but heroic auto drivers, and children with superpowers.

We intended to publish the book in time for a launch at Bookaroo, Bengaluru in September, 2017. Our illustrator Sahitya Rani raced against time to conceptualize the author’s vision for the various characters who inhabited his fantasy landscape. Here are a few of her sketches:

We did a book reading by the author, Q&A, and a draw-along with the illustrator during the book launch at Bookaroo. We had a great time!

City of Rubble is the perfect entry point to longer fantasy and adventure chapter books if your child is starting to show an interest in this genre.

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