Slices of Life from An Older India

Listen to AIR, travel on steam-powered trains, and climb coconut trees for fun in the days of yore.

We decided to publish a book based on Geeta Ramanujam, the founder of Kathalaya’s, stories about growing up in Mumbai.

They paint a picture of a simpler time when families stayed home to clean on weekend mornings, went out in the evening, and children occupied themselves by playing with their friends. The country was going through a series of difficult phases but none of it had an impact on Geeta’s childhood.

We thought that a book like this this would be the perfect opportunity for children to learn more about the India that their parents grew up in.

Kshitij Verma, the illustrator, brought the characters alive, with elan. Here is a peek into how his sketches took shape. The book is a mix of short stories and comic panels, like the one pictured below.

Eeee… Here’s My Story! is filled with symbols from times of yore and suffused with an air of nostalgia. However, it’s written such that it makes the past accessible to a young reader today.

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