Someone Stole My Homework!

Why does a thief think a child’s Mathematics notebook is valuable?

It began with a thought: what if there was a boy called Ramanujam who lost his Mathematics notebook?

Or, better yet: whose Maths notebook had gotten stolen.

Amrutash wrote this out as a story that appeared in the Activity Book of the Book Lovers’ Program for Schools. It ended on a note of suspense: a hint as to why anyone would want to steal Ramanujam’s Maths notebook.

The children who heard the story in schools were so keen on getting to the bottom of the mystery that Amrut decided to flesh out the plot and make a book out of it. Ramanujam, together with his friends Vikram and Subhashree, decide to solve the mystery, inspired by their favourite TV show, Detective Gopi.

Once the book was written, we approached Samrajni Patil for the illustrations. She was enthusiastic and came on board immediately. Here are a few of her concept sketches for the cover and the final option that got printed.

The Missing Mathematics Notebook is a great read for any aspiring under-11 detective out there. Do let us know your thoughts on the book in the comments below.

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