Matching Wits for Glory

A story of after-school teamwork, adventure, and discovery.

This is a story that took multiple rounds of reworking to arrive at its present format.

It was originally written with the premise of a team of school children, who don’t see eye-to-eye, coming together for the greater good: winning a difficult national-level quiz competition. It was inspired by Chak De! India, and envisioned for children, with quizzing taking centre-stage instead of hockey.

We roped in 2 interns, Akshyah and Vishali – Humanities students from IIT-Madras, to help us ideate on the plot, add complexity to the characters, fine-tune their relationship with each other, and pepper the story with interesting facts. After every three chapters were written, we collected feedback on it from our colleagues, using Google Forms! (It was a very organized way of going about things.)

Their inputs were weighed in and incorporated where relevant before the story was taken to schools. When children heard the tale progress, they enjoyed learning more about the characters and loved the quizzing action.

We printed the book with a simple cover before we worked with illustrator Suzzanne Rebello Narayanan to make us a fresh, vibrant new cover that captured the essence of the story. Here are both versions of the cover:

Quiz Quest is a book that emphasizes the powerful impact of rising above one’s differences and working together. It’s got some interesting quizzing trivia as well.

This is a perfect read for 10+ year-olds who like being surprised by little-known nuggets of information and plot twists they didn’t see coming.

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