It was 2013, and we couldn’t find an Indian title about sibling love for the age group of 6-8. So we decided to write one, and in the process we started a children’s publishing imprint. We called it Ms Moochie after a cow who loved to read (Ms Mooo–chie).

Aditi Zoo, the first title from Ms Moochie Books, was launched at Bookaroo Delhi in the Winter of 2013. The book did well, but, well, it didn’t exactly change the world. So we strategised. And looked for other gaps waiting for new books.

We realised that there were several sets of graded readers for the early years—books that employed particular strategies to get children to learn to read—such as the I Can Read or the Step Into Reading series. However, these employed “dollar values” (the stories contained words like “ham”, “snow”, “Halloween”) at “dollar pricing” (more expensive than the average Indian picture book). There seemed to be a gap for a good Indian emergent reader series.

This is how the Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series was born.

Our first six books gave us the experience required to make a good Indian emergent reader which employed rhythm and rhyme in the stories, integrated with reading strategies, to help children pick up the skill of reading.

With Ramu’s Ride and Ramya’s Snack Box, we encountered unexpected success. Ramu’s Ride was about Ramu’s tryst with a bicycle on a sunny afternoon. In Ramya’s Snack Box, she shares her snacks with her friends and then realises that she has left her lunch box at home.

Our sales on were terrific. Both titles were recommended by Amazon’s Children’s Book Shelf within a few months. We had more organic reviews on Amazon than many other popular Indian children’s picture books.

We decided to build on their success and produce a set of great books featuring Ramu and Ramya through a crowd-sourcing effort. This was our plan:

Today, these books have been made and are available for you to buy. They’re gorgeous.

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