Discounts at the Multistory Bookstore! Save Upto 50%

Welcome to Multistory, the website that hosts the MsMoochie books, the Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series and the Best of Indian Children’s Writing. Just click on the links to read more or go straight to the bookstore and pick up some amazing books at amazing discounts. It’s raining discounts! Save upto 50%

How to save 40%:All books are at 10% off on the MRP! PLUS, you can use this coupon at checkout: CHAT10 for another 10% off. So that’s 20% off on books.

How to save 40%:If you’re creating your own bundle sets, then the bundling discount is 20%. So that’s 10% off MRP + 20% bundling discount + 10% coupon discount (CHAT10) – that’s 40% off.

How to save 50%: If you’re signup to our newsletter below then a 20% off discount coupon will be emailed to you automatically once you signup. With this you can get 10% on MRP + 20% bundling discount + 20 coupon discount = 50% on bundled sets!

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