Looking for fun Diwali stories to get your kids excited about reading? Look no further. Here are 4 amazing Diwali stories along with a breakdown of how to introduce it to your students.

1. Amma Tell Me About Diwali

Author: Bhakti Mathur
Publisher: Anjana Publishing
Price: Rs 259

(Buy it here)

2. Celebrate! Diwali

Author: Various
Publisher: Hachette
Price: Rs 250

(Buy it here)

3. The Festival Storybook

Author: Juhi Sinha
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: Rs 150

(Buy it here)

4. Ravana Refuses to Die

Author: Rustom Dadachanji
Publisher: Duckbill
Price: Rs 250

(Buy it here)

Hopefully, you’ve found some great Diwali stories to use in your classrooms. Check out our other post with 5 session plans for BICW books for more ideas.

If you’re still confused about what book to pick, or if you need help creating activities around your chosen book, then get in touch with us! Email us at contact@multistory.in and we’ll be happy to help!

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