Daily Schedule

ItemAge*DaysStart TimeDuration
Online Live storytelling + Activities 5-6 Mon-Fri 3.30 PM 30 mins
Online Live storytelling + Activities 7-8 Mon-Fri 4:00 PM 30 mins
Online Live storytelling + Activities 9-10Mon-Fri4:30 PM30 mins
Online Live teacher workshopTeachers and ParentsSaturday4.30 PM90 mins

* The age limit is only a recommendation. All ages are welcome to all sessions.

How do I join? Where do I sign-up?

Register forLink to use
the email list Sign up here
Online storytelling (All 3 sessions)*Register here
Teacher Workshop (April 11th at 4.30)Register here

*Please note that there is just one link to register for all three sessions. Once you register for the session, you will receive an email with a link for you to join. You can join your preferred session when it happens.

Bonus: As we are connected to many storytellers, educators, authors and illustrators, we will be asking them to come in for special appearances every once in a while.

What is BLPS?

The Book Lovers’ Program for Schools (BLPS) is a 10-year-old program that has helped over 500 schools and 1 Lakh kids fall in love with reading. The BLPS method is a combination of storybooks + activity books + storytelling + teacher workshops. 

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Over the years, we’ve worked with top schools like P S Senior and DAV in Chennai, NPS in Bangalore, Global Public School and Rajagiri Public School in Kochi, KNMS and Brindavan Vidyalaya in Trichy, C S Academy and Chinmaya International in Coimbatore, Pushpalatha in Tirunelveli, etc. We are popular in South India but have worked with schools in NCR and Mumbai too. Schools that don’t use BLPS often use our collected learnings which we distribute free in our ‘Create Your Own Reading Programme’ ebook. 

In a typical school year, we supply schools with over 50K books and our travelling storytellers conduct over 50 storytelling workshops and tell storytelling for over 500 hours each. But this is not a typical school year, and our kids are locked out of schools and stuck at home.

What is the BLPS Method?

For children to fall in love with reading, we need to entice them with great storytelling and a good selection of books. We also need to create a community around the reading habit. The BLPS method is a combination of many small things that collectively make these happen. In short, it’s a combination of storytelling, activities, and storybooks. The storybooks are carefully chosen and the storytelling is done in an exciting and engaging way to encourage reading (and not just entertain) and bring the community together.

Getting kids to read is not an exact science where we can apply an algorithm since every child is different. So the way we look at it, the BLPS Method is a combination of what we’ve learnt in the last 10 years, on what works and what doesn’t in engaging kids and getting them to fall in love with reading.

What is BLPS@Home?

  1. BLPS @ Home uses online storytelling, where the storyteller is interesting and not robotic and where the storyteller has taken real effort.
  2. BLPS @ Home engages your child and inspires him / her to read.
  3. BLPS @ Home sparks conversation and enables learning through activities.
  4. BLPS @ Home is a combination of
    • Online LIVE storytelling from a curated set of books
    • Recordings of earlier storytelling sessions
    • Digital / Print copies of the books read out from
    • Activities from the books read out from
    • Parent workshops to equip parents better
    • 1-1 sessions with the facilitators for kids and parents

What software do I need to learn?

We’re using Zoom. It works on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. 

For a quick video tutorial on how to use Zoom, click here.

If you’re joining us through your phone, you’ll need to install the app in advance.
For Android – Click here. For Apple – Click here.

If you’re joining us through your computer, there is a one time download of the Zoom application. You don’t need to sign in. Just click the meeting link and follow the prompts!

In future, we might use different software for accessing the picture books and activities – we will let you know. For now, we will send you the PDF of the book after each session.

How much does it cost?

It’s free as of now. 

We are a small company run by book lovers. Being a small company severely restricts our ability to “do marketing.” We rely on word-of-mouth marketing, so please do spread the word, especially in parent WhatsApp groups.

If we can keep our costs low, then we can keep the program free for longer. If BLPS @ Home is able to deliver value, then we hope to be able to keep the storytelling free and charge only for 1-1 sessions, and for the actual books.

To see the daily schedule, click here.

Where can I see the previous sessions? Who do I contact?

For videos of earlier storytellings YouTube Playlist
SPOC (Single Point of Contact) Deepti
Email contact@multistory.in
WhatsApp contact 9962534453

How is Ms Moochie connected to BLPS?

Ms Moochie Books is a publishing house with over 40 children’s books in the market, including the bestselling Ramu and Ramya series – Ramu’s Ride and Ramya’s Snackbox. In the children’s books industry, writers write manuscripts sitting out of their desk in AC rooms and editors imagine whether kids will like those manuscripts. But what Ms Moochie editors do is to send the manuscripts to storytellers to tell in school and collect feedback from children. Because of this process, Ms Moochie books are better designed and are more loved by children. And because of this, BLPS uses a lot of Ms Moochie books in its recommended storybook list.

Full disclosure: While Ms Moochie and BLPS are different brands, they are both promoted by the same company – Multistory Learning Pvt Ltd.