Publishing Philosophy

Ms Moochie Books is an independent publishing house. We publish contemporary Indian books for children. What sets us apart is our unique story → book process.

All new stories are taken to classrooms by storytellers. Feedback from the children is passed on to the author. She makes changes. This loop is iterated till the children give the story an emphatic thumbs up, after which the book is made.

This allows us to actively involve the reader, i.e the child, in the making of the book. This stands in contrast to publishers who work in the comfort of their offices, away from the world of children.

Emergent Readers

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series

The bestselling Litte Book Lovers’ books are designed for children who are just starting to read, i.e. ages 2 to 6. The popular Ramu and Ramya books are from this series.

Picture Books

Suddenly Cow

This book begins with Anu, her mother, and her breakfast (a bowl of upma). Anu doesn’t want to eat it and is wondering what to do. Then, suddenly, a cow shows up.

The Magic Umbrellas

When Leela gets a beautiful new umbrella, she doesn’t expect it to disappear during lunch break! But the same thing happens the next day, and the day after that, and – you get the gist. Where do the umbrellas go?

Aditi Zoo

Six-year-old Aditi wants a sibling, but her father doesn’t think she’s ready for the responsibility. So he asks her to take care of a dog. Then a goat. And then, an elephant. Will Aditi rise to the challenge?

Mangoes and Mischief

When Moidooty accidentally hits Maangasura, the dreaded mango-loving monster, with a pebble, he’s cursed to spit little mangoes whenever he opens his mouth to speak. Can he figure out a way to become normal again?

Early Chapter Books

The Dog Who Taught Me Math

Before you ask: no, the dog in this story does not speak! This is not a magical story. It’s set in the real world. But it shows how unconditional love helps children master subjects more effectively than disciplining.

Paramartha Guru

Originally written in Tamil by a Jesuit priest, this book follows the tales of a Hindu priest and his five extremely foolish disciples. We’ve taken care to remove religious propaganda from the text, and retain only the story-line and the humour. Paramartha Guru is extremely popular in Tamil Nadu.

Paramartha Guru

Chapter Books

The Missing Mathematics Notebook

A thief entered Ramanujam’s home and stole his Mathematics notebook. For real. But why? Had he solved some mathematical mystery? Follow Ramanujam and his friends as they solve the mystery.

Domestic International School

A school in the middle of an airport? That’s Domestic International School for you. It has classrooms designed like the inside of an aeroplane, a PT master who likes to sing, and even a haunted detention room!

The Foodie From Out There

One of the trees in the Guindy National Park is a spaceship with a family of aliens living inside. Why have they come to Earth? What are they looking for? And how far will they go to get it?

Mr X – The Storyteller

Nine-year-old Maya’s Amma has fallen in love with Mr X, eight years after her father passed away. Maya refuses to like him until he tells her a good story. Will Mr X’s tenacious attempts to win over Maya succeed?

Short Story Collections

Eeee… Here’s My Story

This book is the story of award winning storyteller Geeta Ramanujam, the founder of Kathalaya, and how growing up in 1960s Bombay shaped her lifelong love for stories.

Travelling Light

From Colombo to the temple town of Hampi to a fortress in Sinhagad, this is a collection of short stories that transports the reader across the Indian subcontinent, without having to leave the comfort of their room.

Too Cool For School

Is the new boy in class an alien in disguise? Is the long-dead Principal’s abandoned bungalow haunted? Will a secret pet in the dorm room be discovered? These are some of the questions this collection of stories answers.

Taxi Ride

Murderous spirits, chopped fingers, and a chain email’s evil powers are just a few of the creepy, bone-chilling tales in this collection. These seven ghastly stories are not for the faint-hearted; you have been warned!

Middle Grade

City of Rubble

Srinath, Suresh, and Harleen live at the Guild of Orphans. After a particularly bad scuffle, the children begin to feel the building rumble.
They fall out the window to see their building, and others like it, walking away.

Quiz Quest

Nikhil, Pramod, Ananya and Vishnu are the best quizzers in the quiz club. If they work hard, then their school – Sequoia High School – has a shot at glory. Can they win the prestigious National Quiz Challenge?

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