Sparky’s Bark

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Woof! Woof! Woof!

Sparky is an energetic dog. He loves to bark. He’s out on a walk, and what does he do? He barks! Whether at a bird or a bee; a ball or a pig on a wall, Sparky’s barks are directed at everyone and everything.

But why does Sparky bark so much? The answer is in the book!

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Meet Sparky: a dog who loves to bark! 🐢

He barks at a bee, a tree,
a ball, a pig on a wall . . .

Although he means well, Sparky’s exuberant barks startle everyone and everything he meets.

When Sparky goes, “Woof!” the postman on the cycle pedals away faster. βœ‰
When Sparky goes, “Woof!” the bird in its nest clucks in alarm. 🐣
When Sparky goes, “Woof!” the little boy selling apples drops his basket. 🍎

Now you might think Sparky is a naughty dog who likes to cause mischief, but there is a reason behind why he barks so much.

Why, you ask? Read and find out!

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. Set in recognisable Indian environments, these stories aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

  • Rhythm and Rhyme
  • Picture to text correspondence
  • Easy words
  • Activities

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