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Writing is a key skill required in all professions today and it’s best to start early. If your child loves to read, and is full of stories, but is hesitant to write them down, or when s/he does, it doesn’t seem that great, then we can help! For more information, check out this link: BLPS@Home.

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The YWW Program was first developed by professional writers in collaboration with the Hindu Young World for Schools. The intention was to break down the process of writing for young readers to make it more accessible and non-intimidating for them. If they loved to read, they could learn to write, just like their favourite authors.

Our in-house experts offer a step-by-step program that breaks down storytelling to its basic elements. By writing regularly on offered prompts, and through a process of appropriate feedback from genuine mentors, kids improve their ideas, structure their thoughts better, and be able to transform this into the written word. 



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