Schools across India are dealing with the current lockdown in their own ways. From our research, most schools have been reluctant to transition their classes online. A few of them think the shutdown will not last till the next academic year, so why go through the effort of setting up virtual learning?

But the reality is starkly different. For instance, the government of Odisha has announced that all schools will be shut till June 17th. We have been reading in the news that schools in Bangalore might open for students only in August. Since schools will be closed for so long, parents in Bangalore are asking schools to reduce fees for 2-3 months. This will mean a 20-25% reduction in the annual fee. Some politicians have also favoured this.

We feel that there is a strong possibility of this situation happening Tamil Nadu as well. Because of the high number of cases in TN, it’s possible that our lockdown will be longer and we might have to deal with 2nd wave and 3rd wave lockdowns.

We can help!

The team at Multistory want to make sure that students’ education is affected as less as possible. We have come up with 3 urgent things to help you in this moment of crisis:

School Online Services – SOS Program

In this, we will help you implement the right technology needed to take your school online in as little time as possible.  We will assist you in this endeavour end-to-end. We will also train your teachers in using the new technology and monitor the first few classes.

If you have already started the online transition, we can assist in improving the efficacy of your classes. 

BLPS Online Teacher Workshops

Every year we do a beginning of the year teacher workshops to train teachers in stories and storytelling and getting children to love to read. We’re doing this online this year. This way, when schools do re-open they will be trained and ready to go.

On April 11th, we conducted our first online teacher workshop on the basics of stories and storytelling to an overwhelming response. We had more than 350 registrations and an incredibly packed session. See the video below for a glimpse into the way Karishma, one of the facilitators, conducted an icebreaker with our participants –

Online Storytelling

Every year, as part of the Book Lovers’ Program for Schools, we visit schools to tell stories to children and help them fall in love with reading. In light of the school shutdown, we didn’t want to stop doing this. Which is why we started BLPS@Home – free online storytelling sessions for kids! (Check out the storytelling videos here)

This year, if you are doing online classes, we will support you and offer our services to your students! If you’re already a BLPS school, then don’t worry. We will provide online sessions for your students, so there is no disruption to the program.


Why are we best situated to do this?

Our ex-employees have taken 25 schools online in the last 3 weeks. On our board, we have leaders in the field of education who are leading the way in India as far as taking schools online is concerned. We are fully equipped to do this for you.

Get in touch

Set up a meeting with Prateek, our Head of Sales, by clicking the link below –

You can also fill up this form so that we can understand your requirements and get back to you :

Frequently Asked Questions

What if your teachers are not comfortable with online technology?

We have seen that initially teachers complain but they learn quickly and adjust to this new life that we have been forced into. We are able to convince teachers.

What if your teachers/parents don’t have access to laptop/computer/internet?

This is a problem which parents will try to solve locally – they can borrow a laptop/smartphone, they can upgrade their internet. It’s likely that some lockdown restrictions will be lifted and when that happens, they can solve it better.

How much does this cost?

We are an education quality-focused company with social impact as our goal. Please get in touch with us and once we are clear on your requirements, we will give you a quotation.  

How long will it take to implement this?

Depending on the size of the school, the number of teachers, and other factors, we can set up in less than 2 days and train all teachers in less than 5 days.

How will you support me once classes start?

We will do the initial hand holding for all teachers. Subsequently, we will support by email and WhatsApp. If the schools require continuous support, we can agree on a maintenance contract. 

Can we give our textbooks to the children online?

This depends on the publisher you have chosen. NCERT books and state government textbooks are available to be given online for free.

Can we also conduct tests and exams online?

Yes, this is included in our program and we will be helping you set it up.

How can the principal/coordinator oversee the classes if they are online?

We will be giving training to coordinators, head of departments and principals on how to oversee classes and check reports.

Can online classes work for both higher and lower grades?

Yes, but the objective of the classes will be different. We will be discussing this in detail in our coursework.